Destiny’s Child is Back !

Destiny’s Child is back in action!


If are a 90s kid, you would have definitely heard of Destiny’s Child, the iconic super girl band group comprising members Beyonce Knowles, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

Yesterday, Beyonce announced on her official Facebook Page about the upcoming release of new music from Destiny’s Child.

“I am so proud to announce the first original Destiny’s Child music in eight years!” she wrote.

Eight years after all three members of the R&B super group branched off to work on their own solo projects, Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle have finally come together again to launch their new single, “Nuclear”, produced by Pharrell and co-written by the group’s own Michelle Williams.

It will be featured on their upcoming Love Songs album, that will be released later this month, on January 29th 2013.

Not only has Destiny’s Child reunited for new music, but there are also reports that both Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will join Beyoncé onstage at some point during her highly anticipated performance at this year’s Super Bowl. It is said that the trio will perform a medley of Destiny’s Child hits along with their latest musical effort, “Nuclear.”

Did anyone see this one coming? We’re super excited and here’s to more girl power !





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