Bollywood Morphed! Guess Who?

So we came across an interesting number of morphed images of our very own B’town Celebrities.  Some of them were rather interesting while a number freaked us out! We are so glad that each and every celebrity in Bollywood looks perfect, just the way they are ! Why don’t you make a guess at who these celebrities are? Don’t cheat! Try & take a guess, first! 
Also, tell us which one is your most favourite “face” !

Images Taken from Zoom TV.  (Answers revealed at the bottom of the page)

Bollywood Guess Who ?


 2)  Abhi-ASH

3) Ash DP


5) DP-Shilpa

6) Kareena-Karishma


7) Kat-Ash

8) Ranbir-Imran

9) Salman-Srk

10) Salman-Vivek


Answers :

1)      Sonakshi Sinha – Priyanka Chopra

2)      Abhishek Bachchan – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

3)      Deepika Padukone – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

4)      Deepika Padukone – Katrina Kaif

5)      Deepika Padukone – Shilpa Shetty

6)      Kareena Kapoor – Karisma Kapoor

7)      Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Katrina Kaif

8)      Imran Khan – Ranbir Kapoor

9)      Shah Rukh Khan – Salman Khan

10)   Salman Khan –Vivek Oberoi

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