Nail Trends for 2013

Whether your nails are always perfectly manicured or you only paint them for special occassions, you have probably noticed the latest nail trends showing up everywhere . The warm weather ushers in exposed toes in sleek sandals, wedges, and flip flops. I like to think of nails as an extension of my personality. Whether you choose to keep your nails simple and short, long and fierce, or cool and quirky, summer is the perfect time for experimentation.

Shapes: Ladies, the days where nails were only square or rounded are over! A trend that has carried over from the winter and fall are the fabulous ‘claws’ or ‘stilleto’ nails. My mom used to sport these back in the day and now they are back in style. They look just like they sound: long, sharp, and fierce. You can either grow your nails and shape them yourself or order a stiletto set at the salon. It is not hard to do and from my personal experience, they keep the nail stronger. Another trend is flare nails. These are on the rise! Picture bell bottom pants for your nail tips. These can usually only be achieved at the salon.



Colours: The shades for the season are on extreme ends of the color spectrum.  The most popular shades are either in the neon category (see celebrities sporting neon nails below) or the milky pastels. Mints, corals, juicy pinks, and baby blues look just as refreshing as do the highlighter orange, yellow, and greens. Nails these days truly look like an accessory with the pop of color provided by the various summer shades.  Some popular shades to try by Essie are: Tart Deco, Van D’ Go, Lapis of Luxury, Turquoise and Caicos, Lilacism, Play Date, Mint Candy Apple, Movers and Shakers, and Cute as a Button.


Stickers: Drugstores are filled with the new nail stickers that let you have a full design on your nail.  Choose from prints, glitter, patterns, metallic, lace – anything can be found in an easy to apply nail sticker that lasts for days.  These stickers are made from real nail polish and simply require you to press it on your nail, remove the excess, and apply a top coat to seal it all together.  If you are a busy woman and don’t have the time to get your nails done every week, these will last up to 10 days without chipping!  Another great choice for busy ladies are the popular gel manicures.  These provide a shiny finish and long lasting chip proof coverage and are readily available at most nail salons.


credit : Priya M, browngirlmag

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