When Was The Last Time You …


In my ideal life, I am a travel host. I travel around the world and write stories about beautiful sceneries, scrumptious food, exciting places to visit, people, culture, fashion and technology. In my spare time I design concepts – ideas for people that are personal yet objective. I am an amateur actor. I love to dance, watch plays, read dramas and act out different scenes. I love to cycle in the rain along the East Coast Parkway. I like to spend some time staring at the ocean, taking a brief vacation from the world. It is a fantastic feeling – a sense of liberation kicks in before I retire to my home where I get myself a cup of hot masala chai and read a favourite book while thunder rattles the windows. On the weekends, I go for movies or a concert. At least once in 3 months, I travel somewhere to experience something new. I have a small circle of close friends whom I can trust with personal musings and chat with at length about life, the universe, and everything. I love taking up new classes to learn about new things, new habits, new progress – at heart I am forever a student!

When was the last time you …

– wrote something down about yourself, your dreams and your plans?

– watched a play?

– went for a bicycle ride in the rain?

– drank a cup of hot masala tea?

– read a good book?

– took a trip?

– engaged a friend in a good conversation, even at a distance?

– researched courses you may want to take?

The ideal life always seems so inaccessible.  But looking at that list again, I begin to wonder how many of these things are actually beyond my reach? There are a lot of really tangible things on that list which I think I can do right away!

Time and again, most of us find ourselves lost, aimless and confused.  I think one way to combat that feeling would be to start from the start – to understand the root causes of our confusions.  I have been doing a lot of “jobs” over the past couple of years but I have yet to come across my first “real”career– where I can really do, what I want to.

I bumped into someone who told me yesterday that the key to getting closer to an “ideal life” would be to allow “small victories” to happen and build from there. The first small victory can come in the form of an appreciation, winning a competition, getting a job that pays enough or simply striking a good idea.Once the first step is conquered, paths will be inevitably paved to reach where we want.

dreamsSome of us fancy a career in a top multinational company with exclusive cabins and business cards etc etc while some of us are more inclined towards doing creative things which are not your usual “regular” jobs.  But nothing happens instantly.

Whether it’s money, fame or the career of your choice, everything needs time. Instead of dwelling and thinking about what lacks in our lives, we should perhaps all start making “baby steps” to reach where we want to. Pretty much anything counts as long as it involves getting out of the house and doing something to better your part of the world.

It is indeed true that sometimes it is not who you are that holds you back but it’s who you think you’re not. Never stop dreaming, but work hard for it to come true.

With that, I would like to invite all of you to Spotlight – a multifaceted blog that brings together the best of events, fashion trends, food entertainment and interests all under one platform.

I have never formally introduced who I am and what I do but all I want to say is Spotlight is something close to my heart because it allows me to communicate all that I want to and relate to groups and people of common interests. This is my first feature post and every Sunday of the week, I would like to invite my readers to contribute write-ups ranging from anything that communicates interests, opinions, dreams, feelings, fiction and non-fictional thematic editorials.

We have completed a month on Spotlight and my entire team would like to thank each and everyone of you heartily for the overwhelming response towards the blog.

Drop us an email on ritwika.net@gmail.com with your write-ups and we will feature them every Sunday only on Spotlight.

Till then, keep reading and we will keep writing!

Ritz G

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