Revisiting The Charm Of DDLJ !

307743-revisiting-the-charisma-of-ddljStuck in the same compartment of a train to Europe, Raj tells Simran, “Yeh jo aapki aankhein hain, mujhey kisi ki yaad dilati hain.” Simran sternly asks, “Acha? kiski” ? Raj says, “Meri daadi ki”. And we wonder how can these two people of completely different personalities fall in love? Back in London when Simran invites Raj for her wedding, he tells her that he will not attend it. When he leaves, Simran realises that perhaps, just maybe – she has fallen in love with Raj. How did that happen? Do movies really create a parallel world for us – something that perhaps does not exist in reality? An idealistic impression of love and romance.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was released on October 20, 1995. I was barely 5/6 years old then.  It’s been 18 years since I first saw Raj and Simran fall in love on the big screen and I fell in love with them instantly. So much so that my friends call me crazy as I remember each scene, each dialogue & each moment –  by heart !


Love is a feeling that makes you feel complete with the one you love. Often it’s not the looks, neither intelligence nor personality. Sometimes, it is that one feeling that makes u feel like you are on top of the world. And that one feeling which also leaves you feeling close to nothing.  So, what does it take for one person to unlock the doors to someone’s heart? As the tagline goes, come fall in love all over again!! This post is specially dedicated to the charm of my favourite film, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Read on!

So let’s meet the characters :


DDLJ In a cruel twist of fate, Simran goes from dancing around in towels in one scene to figuring out her marriage is already fixed with Kuljeet back in Punjab in the next scene. She agrees to marry him, but asks her father to let her go on a Euro trip as a last chance to see the world. On the other hand, Raj fails his final examinations and believes that there’s more to life than just “studying”. With his Pop‘s permission, he sets out on a Euro trip too. The same trip, of course.


Simran almost misses her train when just in the nick of time, Raj extends his hand to her and then begins (what we would think) a journey full of love….. but no.
They do not quite get along with each other…


Raj openly flirts with Simran’s best friend. On the other hand, Simran finds him obnoxious, a bit crazy and a trouble-maker! Raj and Simran miss the train to Zurich and Simran blames Raj for it. She asks him not to follow her, but Raj insists that he should not leave her alone. (A light hearted scene remembered for SRK’s & Kajol’s amazing comic timing!) Simran ends up inviting trouble when the cops ask her for her passport. Raj comes running to save Simran. In the car, Simran tells Raj that she is sorry about her behaviour.

Raj in return tells her, “Bade bade deshon mein aisi chhoti chhoti batein hoti rehti hain, Senorita.”

And the two form a hesitant friendship ….

But as it goes with all classic love stories, with  a little help from alcohol of course- Raj & Simran spend some amazing moments together and begin to like each other’s company. (Damm you, alcohol !)

zara sa

ddlj3 palat

By this time, however, their Euro trip comes to an end. Before leaving the station, Simran invites Raj for her wedding and she gets upset and confused when Raj tells her that he won’t attend her wedding.


They part at the train station realizing that maybe, just maybe, they had fallen in love… Unfortunately for Simran, her father overhears her spilling the beans about Raj to her mother. In a fit of fury, he insists they pack and move back to Punjab now, where she will go ahead with the plan of marrying Kuljeet. Meanwhile, Raj has a conversation with his (obviously more understanding) Pop, after which he decides to go find Simran. Simran leaves a cowbell at her door, with her Punjab address on it, hoping
that Raj would come looking for her.  And of course, she was right…

Raj’s hunt leads him to Punjab, where he eventually finds her.

Now that they’re reunited, they need a plan of action. It goes something like this:
Step 1) get rid of Kuljeet;
Step 2) convince Baldev to let Simran marry Raj;
Step 3) live happily ever after. So the scheming begins …


It’s not long, however, until Baldev chances upon a photo of Raj and Simran taken at the Euro trip. He puts two and two together, and all hell breaks loose. Of course, in order to be the classic love story that it is, the final showdown has to move to a train station…


Raj, deciding that he will not marry Simran against her father’s wishes, boards the train and is ready to leave. Simran rushes after him, only to be held back (quite literally) by Baldev. The train inches away, and Simran pleads, pleads and pleads some more… until Baldev lets go of her hand, and allows her to go. She runs after the train…

Not to mention, Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Aditya Chopra‘s career took off like that freight train after this movie… 🙂 Well, I do not know much about love. Raj went to India to bring Simran back – an involuntary bout of feeling. I guess when you love someone, it becomes almost second nature. Likewise for Simran, she never bargained to fall in love with Raj but a moment of realization dawned and she was not able to undo it. It might be a pull or maybe destiny or a strange attraction and it has less to with do with logic and more to do with instinct…or maybe insanity.

Guess, love is love – When it happens, it just happens!

Content inspiration & Picture Courtesy :
NDTV, Rashmi Daryanani, Malini Agarwal,

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