New To Mumbai & Looking For A Flat ?

mumbai flat

When I came to Mumbai in 2011, I was lucky enough to live with an aunt, as a paying guest. But, there are so many people, young people – who come to the city of dreams every single day without knowing where exactly to live, how much is the rent – what kind of accommodation should one opt for.. ie PG/sharing a room in a flat/renting a flat etc.. People are hardly aware of the rent/deposit charges.. and what more, the brokerage issue !


This goes out to especially all of you, who’re struggling to find yourselves a place in the buzzling city that never sleeps. I came across this page on Facebook two years back and it has helped my friends a lot. (And well me too!) This page is called “Flats Without Brokers in Mumbai“-

With a fanbase of over 5,000,  this is one platform for exchanging all sorts of housing information in Mumbai. Here, you will find regularly updated postings on the available flats/houses/rooms/PG accommodations all over the city. Without going through brokers.

flat 02

So whether you are looking for an accommodation yourself or you are hoping to rent out a flat of yours, this is one page with all the details you need to know about home-seekers & home-providers ! In fact, you will also come across people selling second-hand furniture, home decors & devices at some darn good reasonable rates. 430178_356597331040644_1010425914_n

This page was initiated by a group of regular corporate types (a designer, a filmmaker, a project manager, a banker… heck, even a broker..) who decided to challenge the purest form of information asymmetry that they all had faced in common – “The Great Mumbai Real Estate Broker machine” ! The same team, later came up with a website – to provide a virtual marketplace for tenants and landlords all over India.

So if you are new to Mumbai and you need a place to stay within a specific bugdet, do check out the FWB (Flats Without Brokers) Facebook Page!

And if it works for you, do spread the word !

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