A Letter To Him / Vintage Fashion

A Letter To Him


A pull that led to a romantic fusion,
shedding those shades that reek of privacy.
Leaving a sense of searing regret,
in a story which never had a beginning.

She wrote a letter to him.


Fastening memories in a swollen valise,
she brushed away remains of an older ego.
Their muted words and a reckless goodbye,
that trapped a piece of him
and caged a part of her.


Her words contemplated affection.
Her pauses denoted courage.
She carefully crafted her letter.
Her full-stops smeared her deepest feelings.

ritwika gupta

She wrote,
“Let’s forget all that could be.
Let’s fall in love like you never did.
Let’s walk together for the remaining years.
Let’s open our dreams and watch them fly”.

ritwika vintage smile

Letter muffled in hope, love and warmth
as the sound of the pen ceased
with her last few words.

ritwika chanel

Oh, she wrote so many letters.

Full of hope that someday,
she would give the letters to him.

ritwika letter 2

(Photography– Shirley Z, Concept – Ryan Averson, Model – Yours truly, me!)

Dress – Topshop
Bag – Chanel
Heels – My Own
Earrings – DIVA
Necklace, Bracelets and Gloves – Forever 21
Hat – Shirley Z

These pictures were taken during a 2011 photoshoot for a fashion magazine. We shot at Novus Bar, Singapore. I was browsing through these pictures earlier today when suddenly, they placed me in deep thought. As intangible as it might sound, I felt as if the pictures were waiting to be voiced out. I love fashion and I am also fond of writing. Today, I decided to take a break from my usual fashion and entertainment posts and simply felt like penning down my ephemeral feelings about these photographs. Thus, the poem above.  Hope you guys liked it.

Now coming back to the fashion bit of my post – A LBD (little black dress) is something that every girl of today must have in her wardrobe. However, when my photographer, Shirley and art-director, Ryan were working on my look, they wanted to bring the Victorian vintage feel back. The purpose was to take a break from the contemporary world and revisit the past. Interestingly when I was given a brief, Ryan told me clearly “Ritz, every time someone looks at your pictures, they need to feel that they are part of someone’s story”.  Looking back, I had a fabulous time during the shoot and the above snaps are my some of my favourites!

Here are some tips to get the Vintage look:

  1. Dress: Select a lacey black dress and team it up with a medium-sized hat and/or black gloves.
    Lace-love is often, what vintage is all about.
  2. Accessories: You can dress up or dress down an outfit just by your choice of accessories.
    Pearls on your earrings/bracelets/necklaces are mandatory to achieve any vintage look.
  3. Shoes: Heels are elegant.  If you wish, you can also wear lacey stockings with ankle-length boots.
  4. Make-up: Focus make-up on your eyes. Smokey eye would give fab results!
  5. Hair: Do up your hair in a bun or just keep it simple with a slick ponytail.

So there you go! If ever you wish to break free from the current style trends & norms, the above tips might just come in handy!

Till my next post, cheers!

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