Cricketers & Commercials !


I read an article on the Dailymail UK this morning where the writer said, “Cricket in India was a religion but IPL has made it a cult”. And rightfully put! Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Over the years, the sport has become racier and more stylish.  dhoni bipsWith the 2013 IPL craze brewing in all corners of the country, I personally feel that cricket is definitely more than just a game.

The devotion that most Indians have for cricket definitely goes well beyond the sport itself.

In India, cricket is synonymous to entertainment, religion and politics. But more than anything, the celebrity cricketers of India have a massive fan-following. I know a couple of my own girl-friends who would run to their living room each time Virat Kohli’s Munch commercial is on.  Are you guilty of that?


Well, cricketers are definitely more than just sports personalities – they are ambassadors of the youth and perhaps hold an appeal identical to that of a Bollywood actor. Thus, it comes as no surprise that our cricketing stars are seen in quite a number of TV commercials. Well, some have even tried their hands in Bollywood films.

So today – let us take a look at some of the most popular television advertisements by our favourite Indian Cricketers and maybe you can tell me how they fair as models? Enjoy!

Tell me, which is your favourite ?

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