Haji Lane Singapore – Fashion & Food Paradise !

Exploring Haji Lane – A Fashion & Food Paradise!

Despite living in Singapore for over 20 years, I had not been to Haji Lane. Yes, I should be completely ashamed of myself! Well in my defense – I’d say I wasn’t really into street shopping till I moved to Mumbai in 2011. Nonetheless, I am so glad I got to explore this beautiful area in Singapore, thanks to Venisar!

This tiny hidden lane in Bugis/Arab Street is simply a fashionista’s paradise! Apparently, singer Gwen Steffani has also shopped here before! Well, I must say I found a stylish assortment of boutiques, shisha bars and restaurants forming an aggressively hip retail stretch similar to “Lokhandwala Market” of Mumbai, India or London’s “Portobello Market”. Now that I think about it, I must have come to Haji Lane during my college years to shop for some of my dance costumes. Well, there are so many different shops and restaurants – You’d be spoilt for choices! With historic architecture and very cool names, each shop offers something different.


Going Om is a trendy restro-bar with a loafy open floor area where you can sink into giant beanbags while enjoying some tasty light refreshments and light music.

going om

The Alternate Store offers some very stylish and hippi clothes inspired by the Himalayas and simplicity of its people. The shop has also incorporated tarot card readings and meditation sessions! Interesting aye?


There are other shops like ModParade, SpoilMarket, Wicked Laundry, FilmBox and Collage Holding that attract patrons with its wide range of fashion and apparel emporium styled distinctively. Just like their unique names, the overall look of the shops simply invite you artistically!

Haji Lane theblogshop

Haji Lane will also certainly satiate food-lovers. From Western, Asian to Middle-Eastern and Indian food, it’s got everything. There are mini cafes inside that offer a revolving selection of homemade ice cream in a variety of flavors. The standouts are the Asian-inspired flavors, such as green tea with red beans or cashew-infused yogurt. There are also flavors made with alcohol, like the refreshing lychee martini. The Shisha Bars around that area are also definitely worth a try!



Overall, if you are making a trip to Singapore for the first time, Haji Lane is one place where you will find excellent vintage shops selling contemporary, quirky garments/accessories and some gastronomic food outlets! There’s a raw, energetic vibe that’s worlds away from the polished international stores in Singapore.  We enjoyed ourselves a lot. A must visit!


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