Of Friends And Fashion


Friendship is not affability
A friend is someone who is there for you
Anytime you need him or her.
The best times of school
are the times spent with friends.


Friendship is something which goes beyond onuses
When you are young,
these are some of the things which you will never forget.profile pic

Time flies.
Life starts.
Friendships fade.


Youth eventually disdains the diffusing age.

And then you meet a lost friend.

It is then you realize ..
Nothing has changed,
That only in its absence
Did the friendship bloom.


Yes, one of my poetries I scribbled a while back which needed an appropriate canvas. And it rightfully did! A friend of mine decided to do a photoshoot with me and my gorgeous friend, Janifer… for his upcoming photography series. On the other hand, my school friends Lisa, Venisar and me went for a studio shoot in Singapore last month. The outfits we wore are nothing particularly sensational but sometimes keeping it casual is the best! As mentioned in my summer 2013 fashion report, shorts are completely in this season!  As for the second look – well, leopard prints prowled the fashion weeks last month. If you want to make a bold statement, then invest in some leopard patterns!  Wear a classic leopard print blazer or just a simple short leopard designed dress. Team it up with retro sling black heels & you are good to go 😉

3 thoughts on “Of Friends And Fashion

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