Ishkq in Paris: Movie Review

Ishkq in Paris Movie Review

By: Harsh

Cast: Preity Zinta, Rhehan Malliek, Isabelle Adjani
Director: Prem Raj



Ishkq (Preity Zinta) and Akash (Rhehan Malliek) Ishkq-in-Paris-Priety-Zintaare two people who are similar when it comes to their thinking. Afraid of marriage, fear of commitment but enjoy love. The story starts with them meeting in a train headed to Paris where they decide to spend a night together enjoying the nightlife of the city of love and also decide that they would never meet again after the night. They dance, drink and have fun till early morning where they share their personal life. As planned, Akash leaves Paris and as expected, the couple meet again as Akash comes back to Paris for a friends wedding. This is where the main story takes it’s turn and they fall in love. Ishkq is troubled by her mother’s past which involves her dad leaving her mother after marrying her. And she fears she would experience the same. Akash tries putting some sense into her you’ll have to see what happens next!

Actor’s take:

Preity Zinta has probably forgotten few of her acting skills I guess. Her comeback is very average. She looks amazing though. The actor(Rhehan Malliek), looks younger than Miss Zinta but his dialogues are quite cheesy! He justified the character he was given with his performance in the movie and did impress in a few parts.

The music wasn’t interesting though the Salman Khan number got some cheers from the crowd. The background score is not so convincing and the dialogues are too ‘cute’.

Rating -2/5


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2 thoughts on “Ishkq in Paris: Movie Review

  1. Followed this site from Instagram.
    I haven’t seen the movie myself (no release in Australia) but from reviews, all seem to be praising Preity Zinta’s performance as it is played with subtlety, and I think she will be nominated for best actress!
    With that said, I don’t know how the movie is, as I’m waiting for the DVD release, without any spoilers.
    I know I’ll enjoy it! 🙂

    • Hey Akash, I am a big Preity fan too and I would really love to see the film. Unfortunately it also hasn’t released in Singapore. And I hope PZ does more films! Keep visiting the blog! Thanks 🙂

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