Because Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Came across this very interesting website earlier in the day. Trust me I’m a “Designer” is a platform that was set up in order to bring together designers and people who love and enjoy design. They share content that is interesting and inspiring to designers and those who enjoy design. They search for relevant content all over the internet, from various sources and often they also receive contributions from fans. They basically are design lovers and love original pieces of work. If there is any interesting you have come across or designed in recent times, do feel free to give them a buzz !

Design is important because chaos is so hard” – Julius Feiffer


Check some pictures out :

389647_285153304902796_1431144775_n 530452_284438121640981_1830485901_n 575943_281908818560578_1716460603_n 581625_281225371962256_1380413586_n 522117_277587728992687_849291426_n 574698_277399252344868_41193244_n 305524_274145992670194_454175261_n 557850_271343349617125_998479430_n  533370_267166413368152_190405752_n 537287_264697223615071_2005895051_n 310081_263964810354979_699470519_n 425200_262602823824511_1812583394_n 419460_242483232503137_350325287_n

Which ones are your favourite ?

Trust Me, I’m a “Designer” –

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