Another Shade – My Gumtree Shopping Experience!

Another Shade


A hopeless wanderer,
Walking the path I have never treaded.


Oblivious of the barriers,
To see a reverie with open eyes.


I dream to fall in love sans no intention,
To fall in love with a nomad like me.


I dream of the stars in daylight,
To be drenched in illusions without concern.

Ritwika Gupta

Ritwika Gupta

Then there is my detached replica,
Ravishing shadow who follows me everyday.



Smiles without a reason,
Possibly finding herself in me.


Her face construes a story,
Jilted and layered.


Unable to express the way I do,
Haplessly overcoming her undreamt fear.

Ritwika Gupta

It gets obvious when she conceals,

Mistaken when I confess.

Yes, I am a hopeless wanderer….


…walking with another shade of me.

Floral Dress – ZARA
Beige Pump Wedges – Charles & Keith
Off-white Handbag – Carlo Rino
Earrings – DIVA
Tube Dress – Forever21
Black Heels – Cotton On
Orange Clutch – Forever21

Photography – Radhika Gupta

Yes, the above is yet another post that once again fuses my love for writing and fashion. Summer is here which means you have to revamp your wardrobe with floral  patterns and vibrant colours! After the encouraging feedback from A Letter To Him and Of Friends And Fashion, I decided to once again pen down something close to my heart. Hope you guys liked it!

Now for the most important bit!!  – The reason behind this fashion escapade!

My Shopping Experience with Gumtree Singapore


The two dresses that I am wearing on the pictures above are purchases from Gumtree Singapore.

Gumtree started off as a local London classified ads and community site and now spans 76 cities across 11 countries.  You can find everything you are looking for with the help of your local Gumtree community. From accessories, gadgets, home appliances, a job or a flat, a nanny for your kids, a cuddly pet to a tennis partner – it has practically everything!

So given the opportunity, I managed to shop from Gumtree Singapore and share my experience with you guys.  Needless to say, I got attracted to the fashion section of Gumtree Singapore as there were simply so many items to choose from! Initially, I really got confused as to what should I get but I finally decided to buy the 2 dresses and a bag.

What I bought:
1 x Handbag from Carlo Rino
1 x Summer Floral Dress from ZARA
1 x Tube dress from Forever21




My Take:

Ok firstly, the process is very simple. I did not have to make an account or register in order to make a purchase. I just simply chose the items I desired and immediately got in touch with the specified retailers whose contact details were provided below each advertisement. For me, there were no hassles at all. I got my items delivered in-person on the same day I had placed an enquiry about them. If you wish to post an advertisement, you will have to simply fill in your contact details when creating an ad listing so buyers can easily contact you. It is completely free to post an ad in most categories on Gumtree. Check out the video below on how to post ad. The video is the UK version of Gumtree.

Yes, it’s as easy as that! So basically if you are too lazy to go out shopping on a rainy Sunday afternoon but you urgently require certain products or services, Gumtree Singapore is a platform you just might want to consider! Also, if you are looking for branded items online, this is where your search ends!

Sections to check on Gumtree Singapore (in terms of what I liked the most):
1) Clothing & Accessories
2) Health & Beauty
3) Activities & Hobbies

And guess what? In line with the Great Singapore Sale, Gumtree Singapore has recently launched a new and exciting campaign called “The Gumtree Fashion Month”. The Gumtree Fashion Month is giving readers a chance to win $600 worth of shopping vouchers for the Great Singapore Sale! All they have to do is sell any clothes or accessories on Gumtree. The higher the number of ad postings, the greater the reward.

So guys, what are you waiting for?
Check out the Gumtree Singapore website & start shopping now!

Till my next post!

Disclaimer – This post is just an account of my personal shopping experience with Gumtree Singapore. I do not endorse or take responsibility of products and services advertised on Gumtree. I also do not guarantee the accuracy of ad postings on the Gumtree website.

One thought on “Another Shade – My Gumtree Shopping Experience!

  1. I really love your Carlo Rinto’s bag and floral dress from Zara! To be honest, I’ve never even considered shopping from Gumtree Singapore—I’m really surprised that they deliver on the same day of purchase!

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