In My Story, Every Word Is Yours ..

Last night while I was clearing my old books, I chanced upon a few forlorn diaries that belonged to a much younger me.  It was a strange feeling to revisit myself once again through these worn-out pages.

IMG_3331I  guess writing diaries was fascinating because to me, confiding in people did not quite allow me to really share it all. A few itty-gritty feelings yes, but never the whole picture.

So at the age of 14 till I was 18/19 or so.. I used to keep a diary.. one for every year until I just grew tired and didn’t have the space to keep 5 leather-bound volumes.

As I was digging up my old diaries, I was thrown into a sea of nostalgia, reminiscing about the old days of innocence and simplicity. I went back to my school/college days when I believed in love and all things wonderful. Well a part of me is still pretty much idealistic and hopes that I could be naive again!

Inspired by my friend Karishma, I felt like sharing glimpses of my old diaries with you.  And trust me, there are so many thoughts and memories running through my mind right now.




To all those who write/wrote diaries, tell me do you confess your real feelings in it?

And say you found a diary of a person whom you know well and nobody is around, will you be tempted read it?

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