Coz I Am A Woman In Love


Life is a moment in space
When the dream is gone
It’s a lonelier place


I kiss the morning good-bye
But down inside you know
We never know why


The road is narrow and long
When eyes meet eyes
And the feeling is strong

ritwika gupta

I turn away from the wall
I stumble and fall
But I give you it all

ritwika gupta

‘Coz I am a woman in love

Song/Poem – Barbra Streisand
Photography – Radhika Gupta (using Iphone 4s Instagram)
Skirt -Mela, Bandra
Flats – BATA
Earrings – Ayesha
Bangles & Anklet – Kolkata Street Shops

Sometimes we do not realize that some of old clothes we actually chuck aside in one forlorn corner of a neglected wardrobe can in reality prove to be really favorable in reinventing our fashion style!

I was shooting for the pilot episode of an upcoming travel show today and the brief given to me for the costume was something along the lines of “Indian-fusion”. As I was looking through what I could possibly wear to suit the requirement, I chanced upon a beautiful skirt which I had gotten from “Mela”, a boutique in Bandra West, Mumbai. I had nearly forgotten about the skirt as I always was in search for a proper “occasion” to don it (which obviously never came in past 6 months). And guess what – alongside my secret diaries, I also found some beautiful abandoned accessories!



sp05 IMG_3432 IMG_3416

So after my shoot got over, I instagramed a few pictures of a probable Indian-fusion look. I transformed my skirt into a tube anaarkali-dress and you know what – I simply love it!

My love for colours this summer was satiated when I teamed up my flamboyant skirt with a pair of multi-coloured anklets that I had picked up from Kolkata 2 years back. I completed my look with a black pair of flats from BATA and blue-peacock feathered earrings from Ayesha.

So tell me girls, when was the last time you experimented with your wardrobe in an innovative way?

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