The Monsoon Story

traffic rainy

She loved the seasonal pause at traffic signals.  Monsoon was her favourite season. The breezy streets of murky Mumbai and the impeccable imperfection of the chaotic city reflected the innocence in her eyes.



But it took a romantic flash for their rims to meet. She didn’t look at him in the eye. Yet their handprints swayed the car window. Clouded conscience, soaked excitement and raindrops on fallen guards. Little did they care they were strangers. Little did they care while sinking in love.


Time elapsed.

rainy sun2

The nihilist sun broke the monsoon’s desires. She glared at the gloomy sky. Lips stripped naked, smudged eyeliner.


A morning full of cloudy regrets. Moist dew of forgotten names.  She lay calm, unperturbed. Is this the monsoon she loved?

monsoon spotlightxoxo

Leopard printed frill dress – Vero Moda
Wedges– Americaya
Handbag – Cotton On
Photographer – Pooja Das/Google

This is my first outfit post for the Mumbai Monsoon. I simply thought that it would be nice to halt the typical blog posts for a while and share with you a quick short write-up I scribbled a few days back. Rainy days in Mumbai are the best. It’s chaotic, crazy but the monsoon more than makes up for it. These pictures were shot on one such windy & rainy day when a friend and I decided to go have snacks at Chai Coffee, Versova. Cinema, culture, rain, food, fashion, aroma, monuments, music, colour, literature. There’s a lot yet to explore. Till the next, keep reading guys !

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