Non-Filmy Chartbusters You Must Hear!

Non-Filmy Chartbusters You Must Hear!

indian hindi pop songs 2013

Music is the mainstay of any Bollywood flick ; a must-have dance number, a wedding song and a couple of softer love songs and taddah – you will get a perfect mix of what a Bollywood music album is all about. I grew up in the 90’s and apart from the typical Hindi songs, I remember listening to some eclectic pop albums by Falguni Pathak, Shweta Shetty and Alisha. Pop Stars were churned everyday and almost all of them had a huge fan following. So last week as I was browsing through YouTube, I came across some fantastic non-filmy numbers & my first reaction was to go online and tell you guys all about it! Take a break from the usual Hindi film songs and dive into some fresh singles by these talented singers across the country. Check them out :

Chai Chai By Neeti Mohan

For all obsessive tea-lovers! This is a cute song by singer Neeti Mohan and it is already very popular amongst the young crowd in Mumbai. The tune is extremely addictive and you are bound to hum it even if only subconsciously. Neeti has sung “Ishq Waala Love” from Student of The Year and “Jiya Re” from Jab Tak Hain Jaan. What I like most about Chai Chai is its lyrics. Afterall, how vital is chai !

Pyaar Ka Hangover by Isheta Sarckar

You just had a wild night with friends, booze and all things crazy!  The next morning you wake up to the aftermath of hitting the bottles too hard and you are crazed out. Love and alcohol – not too different, are they? Yes, Pyaar Ka Hangover develops some curious expectations because of its funky name and it completely lives up to its crackling title. Sung by singer-model-actor (and a dear friend of mine) Isheta Sarckar, the song’s peppy, crazy and fun. Different concept and treatment, you are bound to be hung over from it.

Exotic by Priyanka Chopra

Not many people have liked this song and most critics have expressed that it failed to create any impact even with a rapper like Pitbull coming on board, crooning alongside PC for this number. All I can say is I am a Priyanka Chopra fan and this is probably not the song of the year but it is really not that bad, guys!!! It has a catchy tune and a nice fusion of desi-ness with rap and pop. PC looks hot in that neon green swim suit but oh I do wish the video was much better (and original)! You decide.

Aao Morey Piya by Abhijeet Sawant

Singer-Anchor, Abhijeet Sawant released his album “Farida” this year and this is one song which stood out for me. The first ever Indian Idol of the country definitely can take a bow as this number is soothing, emotional and romantic. Abhijeet’s voice sounds fresh and Aao More Piya is easy on the ears. Loved the video as well.

SRK anthem by Neha Kakkar

So yes, Neha Kakkar is a huge fan of SRK but to make an anthem on him is like .. umm.. what was she thinking! As crazy as it sounds, this is indeed a song dedicated to SRK. Neha has a husky and unique voice. In fact I loved her songs, “Second hand jawaani” from Cocktail and the very recent “Jadoo ki Jhappi” from Ramaiya Vastavaiya. I would say this one’s a sweet song but not a rocking composition. Cute dedication, though.

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