Bright Pops Of Colour


2013 is about unleashing your flamboyant side.  Experiment with colouful jewelry, neon splashes and bright outfits. The desire to express with a splash of dynamic colour, has acquired a massive worldwide appeal. From poppy red lipstick to bright lemon trousers and bold neon dresses, colour is in vogue!


Coloured pants are making a distinct style statement these days. Team it up with a chic top and trendy pumps to complete your look! For an ultra-feminine casual look, pair red skinny jeans with a white lacy/chiffon blouse. Colourful printed T-shirts and dresses are also refreshing and super-fashionable. Forget the pastels and embrace happy shades of cobalt blue, deep tangerine and emerald green tops. Pair it up with mono-coloured denim or printed shorts to rev up the look.





For the sassy fashionista, this one’s for you! Neon accessories like a bold necklace or a clutch in shocking hue is sure to add jazz to simple monochromatic dresses. Bright pink sling bags, colourful geometrical necklaces, neon nail polish and emerald earrings go well with any casual wear.


Feast your feet by opting for something crazy in the shoe department. Bold patterns, bright prints and metallic colors are apt for the season. Also, go retro with a burst of colour-block styles by putting on some playful flats and charming tote bags.



So, take the plunge get the colouful edge over others!

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