MixMatched Musings

On some mismatched days
between some mismatched thoughts,
On what’s yet to end
And what’s yet to start.


Between what’s utterly spoken,
And what’s left to be said
Between the thriving experience
and the tepid innocence.



On some mismatched days
between some mismatched colours,
Where sweet lashes of bridal pink
splatters all over royal emerald



Where a pinch of shiny silver
tames the tangy conceited khaki,
Between a blob of handsome black
and the tresses of chocolate shade.


On some mismatched days,
there are mismatched feelings.
Between showering love
and saying goodbye.


Another day, another thought
Because I await
for what’s not gone
and what’s yet to arrive.


Mismatched we are,
Colours and feelings.
Oh, mismatched we are,
You and I.

ritwika gupta

Photography – Pallavi Dogra
Pink Blazer – Cotton On, Singapore
Tank Top – Mango
Trousers – Lokhandwala Market
Neck Piece – Bandra Linking Road
Ring – Bandra Linking Road
Clutch – Vero Moda
Heels – Little Sweet Corner
On my nails – Sally Hansen
On my lips – Chambor Pink Flowing lipstick

I love it when I get to share my writing with all of you and at the same time keep my love for fashion intact.  It’s only through these writings and poetry, I can share a part of me with you. So, hope you liked it!! A big hello to all the beauties! You might have figured out by now – the above outfit post is a mix & match of different, mismatched coloured garments and accessories. I believe fashion is not something unachievable – it’s pretty down to earth and easy to attain. Personally, I like a mix of high-end fashion deals and juicy street buys. Trust me you really do not need to spend a bomb to look good. All you need is a sense of confidence and personality.

And these days, I am experimenting with a lot of new colours, things and… new people! Exciting, yes. Loving the unexpected and random musings. So tell me gals, if you had a chance to mix and match your wardrobe – what’s that one thing you will definitely include?

Till the next!

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