Fashion Flash: All Things Floral

Fashion Flash: All Things FloralBlooming

The floral fascination seems to be everywhere, emerging to be vibrant with every passing year! This is a fad which re-invents itself again and again, taking over the runaways as well as the fashion markets. Bright and bold motifs with classic floral prints would definitely make a statement once paired with the right accessories and garments. With a vast range of colors, prints and embellishments to choose from, why not add a bit of fancy fondant palettes into your wardrobe? Here are some different ways to experiment with flowery prints in your clothing this month!

1) Floral Tops, Shorts and Jumpsuits

floral top3jumpsuit

shortsafloral top1

From cutesy full-length floral pullovers to graphic bloomy-print tees and patterned blouses, floral designs on tops provide the picture-perfect groundwork for a flowery-charmed wardrobe.  To keep the ball rolling, you may also go for a floral-grunge look by putting on a casual printed jumpsuit or teaming up a white top with a pair of floral printed shorts.

2) Floral Dresses

summer dressdress prit

Floral summer dresses in various neck and hem lines fill up all the leading markets. They can be formal, perfect for a soothing evening or even casual, probably relaxing on a day off. Don a spaghetti-strapped summer floral frock to add a little flirtatious cue to your look instantly. Colors like violet, mint, orange and white incorporated into floral dresses look beautiful in the scorching heat and sun!

3) Floral Accessories

floral necklaceshawl

floral walletfloral clutch

If you’re not keen on approaching a head-to-toe floral look, try experimenting with floral-printed accessories for a subtle take on the trend. Carry a flower-printed shawl to college or a floral wallet to office in the day. Complete your evening look with a floral designed pretty clutch. Experiment with floral jewelry and bracelets to make a statement.

4) Floral Blazers

floral topsfloral jacket2

There is something about blazers that just adds a whole lot of sophistication to one’s look. Try out some floral-printed interpretations on femmedup jackets. Simply grab a white tee to wear underneath and then team up your floral blazer with a pair of dark jeans or tailored shorts. Wear your blazer with confidence and add on a splash of bold lip color to finish your look.

5) Floral Pants


Floral pants are in vogue as well. Pair up your floral trousers with a loose-fitting T-shirt, a pair of sneakers, and an oversized watch for a very casual daytime look. For a more formal appearance, put on a pleasant hued satin top with stylish black heels and a pair of well-fitted floral leggings. This combination will create a sophisticated look.
6) Floral Skirts

skirt01 skirt 03

Floral skirts mark the new dawn of femininity. From a nicely tapered knee length floral skirt to a high-waist pastel-coloured formal skirt, there are numerous ways to work them out into your wardrobe. Go for a chic look with a dark bloom printed flowy skirt by teaming it up with a casual Tee and a pair of comfortable flats.


Tell me girls, how do you plan to incorporate floral into your wardrobe this September? 



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