Chambor Flowing Lipstick – REVIEW

Hello gorgeous people on Spotlight! Today I am going to review the “Chambor Flowing Lipstick” – Perfect Rose Shade. Yes, my September started off with shopping for some lip products and this one definitely caught my eyes (..and lips). Normally I go for a lipstick that provides matte coverage. I also prefer natural shades of pink, lilac or peach as it suits my skin tone better. This time round when I was shopping for a lipstick, I was in search of something which I could use on a daily basis – meaning to say, it had to be long-lasting and hydrating. The Flowing Lipstick from Chambor is a fluid lip gloss which completely looks matte and does not smudge. It lasts for at least 3-4 hours and I liked the shade I picked – natural and pretty!

Chambor Lipstick Review

Price: INR 550

What It Claims: Chambor Flowing Lipstick has the stay-on formula, making it transfer proof and untraceable on an exterior surface. With less touch-ups needed, a feather-weight texture and many shades to choose from, Chambor’s ‘Flowing Lipstick Stay-on Colour’ is a must have beauty accessory packaged with elegance and poise.


274199-chambor-flowing-lipstickShades Available:
2988-251-Red Rose
2988-252-Pink Rose
2988-273-Mauve Rose
2988-254-Plum Rose
2988-255-Sparkling Rose
2988-256-Glittering Rose
2988-257-Flashing Rose
2988-258-Garnet Rose
2988-260-Raisin Rose
2988-261-Shining Rose
2988-262-Ruby Rose
2988-268-Fig Rose
2988-269-Heavenly Rose
2988-270-Matte Rose
2988-271-Perfect Rose
2988-272-Rum Rose

My Review:

Packaging – I picked the Chambor Flowing Lipstick in Perfect Rose shade. I was definitely impressed by its chic and metallic packaging with a transparent centre. It comes with a small lip brush which helps in applying the lipstick very effortlessly and comfortably.

Shades 01

makeupandbeauty                                              Picture-

Ingredients – It contains vitamins A and E, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter which keeps the lips mosturirzed and nourished throughout the day.


What’s Good– Apart from the attractive packaging,  the Chambor Flowing Lipstick looks natural and provides decent coverage for pigmentation on the lips. It is light-weighted, waterproof and the brush-tipped applicator allows for smooth and precise use. It does last long, at least 4 hours and there are many likeable shades in this range.


What’s not so good– Contrary to the claim, my lips did get a little dry despite the infusion of Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter.

Rating– 4/5

3 thoughts on “Chambor Flowing Lipstick – REVIEW

  1. where could i buy the chambor flowing lipstic?because all site are out of stock ….like slassy.shopperstop,nykaa,snapdeal,amazone etc do you know any other way i can get them????sorry but can you send me if i pay you?

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