Shaking Up The Status Quo


Shaking The Status Quo,
Travelling from dusk to dawn.
Flaming desires of a vagabond.
I travel through cities, broken paths
on crowded streets.
Concrete, crumbling roads;
They warn me obscurely.
Bruised, jilted yet stronger than metal.
My valor. My shield.
It’s my time and it begins now.






Top – Random shop at Lokhandwala, Leggings – Trendz, Shoes – Americaya, Bag – Cotton On, Ring & Earrings – Lokhandwala Market, Black Necklace – Forever 21, On my Lips – Chambor Perfect Rose

Being a sucker for the typical feminine clothing, the above is most definitely not my usual style. One of my favorite trends this season is the face-prints on garments. Face-prints on tops, leggings or even a sari look very sexy and exudes an unorthodox tone to your entire ensemble.

Yellow Black Face Printed Sari – Varuna & Jithesh from

The best part about face-printed clothes is that they speak for themselves. So all you need are a few basics to go with the outfits – like I completed my look with a cute pair masked ear-studs, colourful ring and a black necklace from Forever 21.


So tell me girls, have you ever done something or worn something that shook the status quo?

Till the next,

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