Ten Awesome Accessories Under Rs 1000 !

You know the sentiment when you come out of a store feeling like you’ve conquered the whole world or something? Well, I get that feeling often after street-shopping at Lokhandwala Market where one would need to bargain his/her way to grab some of the pretty things at affordable prices! Yes, I am a girl on a budget but shopping in Lokhandwala Market is a super saver and totally worth it for sure! From scarves to bags, bangles to necklaces – you’ll find a dazzling range of accessories and garments amidst the chaos and colours. Tiny pieces of advice –Pay around half of the quoted price and no more. Avoid overcrowded stalls and shopping during weekends and evenings. Try not to immediately buy the first thing you see at these flee markets because trust me.. the further you go, you are bound to see similar stuff in other neighbouring stores which are possibly cheaper.

So all you shopaholics, grab these awesome accessories from Lokhandwala Market – All under Rs 1000 !


Sandals – Rs 350 each


Wallet/Pouch – Rs 480 each


Printed Bag- Rs 770 each


Orange Purse – Rs 800 each


Bright coloured purses/handbags – Rs 990 each


Neon Coloured heels – Rs 750 each


Printed Scarf – Rs 200 each


Bracelets – Rs 120 each


Beaded Necklaces – Rs 320 each


Rings – Rs 100 -150 each

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