Unapologetic Me

Unapologetic Me 

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Confidence is not about perfection – it is about being you and taking pride in that.  One should claim confidence in opinions, thoughts and interactions by living in the present. We make mistakes and we learn from them. Forgive yourself, let go and move on – that is confidence. These days, everyone tries to be like everyone else. There is some sort of unwritten social ‘code’ which governs what we should wear, whom we should befriend, how we should behave and what kind of life we should lead. Becoming part of a culture or society is an essential component of feeling accepted. However, do not lose yourself by believing that acceptance is the biggest virtue. It takes guts to harbor a passion, it takes strength to believe in it. To stick to being yourself in the tackiest situations – that’s confidence. Just be you, an Unapologetic You!

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Photography – Merilyn Pereira
Jumpsuit – Oomph 
Pink Sandals – Redial, Bandra 
Bracelet – Accessorize
Necklace – Singapore
Nose Ring – Calcutta Street Shop

Earrings – DIVA

To someone, it’s the shiny polished nails. Someone else might think a well-fitted dress or a pair of high heels always does the trick. To me, volumizing my hair brings out the sexy in me. And I feel whatever makes you feel on top of the world, you should do it a little more often. It makes you confident and that’s when confidence becomes so sexy. Surely not to impress people around you, but just for yourself. I have normal wavy hair but crimping my hair gives me a different look – adds volume, texture and a Boho feel which I love. Crimping hair was very popular in the 80s and what better way than a multi-coloured mini jumpsuit, beaded necklace and Boho hair to convey retro? If you know me, you’d know that I’m quite fond of colours. To me, colours symbolize positivity, happiness and adventure. And just like that, I was ready to tell the world how much I love the above ensemble!

Here’s another snap with my talented friend and photographer – Merilyn!


And oh yes before I sign off, I wish to announce that after receiving so many queries, Spotlight will now undertake personal styling assignments for individuals.  So if you need any help with personal styling, wardrobe revamping or just someone to go shopping with to put together a certain look for a specific occasion – then shoot me an email at ritwika.net@gmail.com

Also, don’t forget to check out more outfit posts in my Look Book !


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3 thoughts on “Unapologetic Me

  1. Great post…i can relate to it…these days u meet a lot of people who try n b some one else n in d bargain forget who they are….i like the way u have put it across…good show..
    Lynn: awesome clicks ya

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