Battle Of The Cover Gals – Dec !

Today we complete 6 months on the Battle Of The Cover Gals Section – a big thanks to all those who enjoyed this every month. With this, let us present to you the battle of the cover girls for the month of December 2013.

sonakshi kk kareena kaarena jacky alia chitran dp ds on pw ds

Attractive concepts – must say! The three which stood out for me are – Alia Bhatt on Perfect Woman, Deepika Padukone on The Man and Sonakshi Sinha on L’officiel. Though I like Sonakshi’s expression, her outfit is dreadful… Deepika looks stunning but it’s not something we have never seen before. So, I’d say Alia Bhatt on the Perfect Woman cover stands out for me. There’s just something about it – the colour tone, softness and it’s just overall much more appealing. So the winner for December goes to – Alia Bhatt. Do You Agree?

Feel free to browse the previous months’ battle and tell us which is your favourite magazine cover for the second half of this year?

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