You’re Still Her Little Girl

ritwika gupta

Today I am proud to feature on the blog – my first music video (as a lead) – beautifully sung, composed & produced by Pooja Das. Well, working on this music video was an absolute delight and has been a memorable experience. Every woman is someone’s daughter. Holding her preciously in your arms, raising her up like a princess, giving her the best in the world and as she grows older, you start becoming friends ; you just can’t imagine a day of your life without her…


And then one day, her normal life gets shattered because she stands exposed to just another despicable crime in the country where safety no longer exists for women. It is not about any one crime — The fight is against all kinds of violence against women.


As creative individuals ourselves, this was a genuine and heartfelt attempt from our side to voice our concern, disappointment, angst and anger. It’s been a year since Nirbhaya passed away. While tougher rules have been imposed, the mentality of our society has not changed. We need to protect our women. We need to bring a change.


Hope you enjoy the music video as much as I do. Please show us some love by sharing it with your friends and family – not for me but for a cause, a belief and a message that needs to be heard.

On another note, it’s exams week.. boo hoo  – so I’ll be a little occupied till the 24th Dec.

But meanwhile, you can follow my updates on:  FacebookTwitter and Instagram
Promise to get back asap!



4 thoughts on “You’re Still Her Little Girl

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