A Smile To Remember

Ritwika Gupta 08

When the warm morning sun rays kiss your cheeks, you are destined to glow, shine and imbibe the sunshine.

Ritwika Gupta 10

The essence of your being is displayed when the sun parades its yellow spark.

Ritwika Gupta 06

Ritwika Gupta 09

The rays are healing, magnifying and exude positivity.

Ritwika Gupta Love Me Twice

As a crazed girl living on an improvised life, the sun blocks out all the mist and reveals a direction.

Ritwika Gupta 02

Ritwika Gupta 07

Ritwika Gupta 05

Yes, I am grateful for the sweet rays that fill my life with bliss.

Ritwika Gupta in VinegarThe sun sets to rise.
For us to welcome a new day, a new year and a new tryst.

For a journey to remember.
For a smile to remember.

Ritwika Gupta 01

Dress – Asos
Black Sandals – Mango
Ring & Bangles– Vinegar, Bandra
Belt– Love Me Not, Bandra
Bag – Colaba Street Shop

The sun is shining bright because the new year is here! Thus, I decided to do this bright yellow outfit post to mark a bright new day and year! So yes guys – it’s a wrap for 2013… wishing you all a very happy new year.. a very happy 2014!

Earl Nightingale said once,

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.’

Time has passed and how! To be honest, the past year has been quite a good year for me. Challenging yet gratifying. I learnt how to be patient, moved on from my job in Singapore, started freelancing on television, decided to embark on my studies in Mumbai and of course, welcomed many new people in my life. 2013 gave me Spotlight – I honestly never knew I’ll end up loving my blog so much! Thank you to all my readers for allowing me to share a part of my life with you. Blogging inspired me to actually do my post-graduation in communications. I am grateful now that I have my very own features in a leading travel magazine. Writing IS my new love.

Hey but that does not mean that I have overlooked my other interests – So what did I do in 2013… Hmm… I joined Shiamak’s dance for 3 months recently, it’s so fun and I plan to continue with him this year as well.  A couple of ads, plenty of live shows to host, my first interview as a blogger and my first music video – all in 2013! Juggling all of these with an almost full-time course in college has been exciting! Speaking of which, I am so thankful for the lovely friends I made in college. In 2013, I also met a couple of important individuals in my life who have become dramatically special now.

Things have changed about me as well and 2013 has taught me a lot. I always believed that “positivity” or “negativity” is a state of mind. Thus, I never endorsed views of individuals who described others as “negative people”. I maintain that there can be no “negative people” or “negativity” if you are positive enough from within. Earlier, I used to expect a lot from people and got upset when they hurt me. I think 2013 allowed me to master the art of not expecting too much in return from people that do not matter as much. I used to also simply embrace all of that life would throw at me – the good, the bad, the ugly things that would make me angry, hurt or humiliated. Yes, I am glad that some of these experiences have become remarkable memories while some proved to be rather significant lessons. But today, I am not afraid to stand up for what I truly and only believe in. Life is too short to compromise on things that are not worth it. I also think I have finally learnt how to let go. I know I have lots of challenges ahead in terms of career, studies, relationship but this year, I aim to live in the moment and take each day as it comes.

So 2014 – I promise to give you my best. Please be a good year for my family, friends and me! Hope it gives us lots of new experiences, memories and many more smiles to remember.

Best wishes to all !


P.S Do check out my other outfit posts in the full Look Book here.

P.P.S Just a heads-up, I’ll be starting lots of new monthly features this year.
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