Spotlight Turns ONE

Spotlight Turns One

Wow, has it been a year already? Time flies & how! Honestly, when I started this blog exactly a year back,  I did not know what to expect at all. It was just an uncertain attempt to blend my passion for writing, fashion and films. I started Spotlight as a way to also share information and my deep thoughts with you.  And I want to thank YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for making this possible, for keeping my dedication intact by constantly looking forward to my posts and letting me discover so much more about myself. Thank you so much for your loyal following and interest in what I had to share on Spotlight.

With that – let the party begin with some balloons, cake, goodies and snacks … and welcome the YEAR TWO of Spotlight.


Looking forward into 2014, I plan to introduce a weekly pattern of write-ups – with at least one beauty review, one fashion post, one film/tv post and one random musing. My motto for this year is to –  “Love what you do” and keeping that in mind, I am going to focus on people who live off doing what they love and inspire me. Because blogging is a unique vocation in itself that has allowed me to meet a lot of different folks with off-the-beat jobs, I’d like to feature one unique profession every month, highlighting a gifted person, his/her duties and what makes his/her job exceptional. I’d also love to start writing about social issues that matter to us and would in fact invite you to be a contributor to the blog- which is where I believe you can truly experience what blogging is all about. I also promise to be more committed in replying to each and every comment that you leave. I do not say it often but your likes and comments mean a lot to me !! Thank YOU for being a part of the Spotlight family!


Here’s a snapshot of the overall Spotlight statistics from 06 Jan 2013 to 06 Jan 2014 :


  • Total Visitors in 12 months (06 Jan 13 – 06 Jan 14) – 426,396
  • Average Monthly Readership – 35,533 unique visitors

Top Viewership (top 3 countries) :

  • India  – 124,514
  • United States  – 67,874
  • Singapore  –  45,209

Top 3 Posts In Each Category

Fashion Posts –

  1. Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani Fashion Post

  2. A Smile To Remember

  3. MixMatched Musings

Film Posts –

  1. Top 5 Ridiculous Bollywood Songs

  2. The Curious Case Of Anushka Sharma

  3. 3 Things I loved about the Ramleela Trailer

Beauty Posts –

  1. Queen For A Day at Taj Salon

  2. Maybelline BB Cream Review

  3. VWash plus review & giveaway

Lifestyle Posts –

  1. 10 Reasons Why People Don’t Reply To Messages

  2. You are still her little girl

  3. Rape – The Archaic Perception


Here are some ways you can follow my blog:
Faceboook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and I’m also finally on PINTEREST – pinning my favourite fashion & beauty do give a shout-out to me if you are on it !


Looking back at the progress of my blog, I am truly overwhelmed and look forward to continuing to grow it in 2014.

So do keep supporting me and loving Spotlight! The party has just begun ….


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