Hilarious Break-Up Letter!

So, I came across this image on Instagram – it’s a break up letter or rather a little girl’s (possibly 9/10 years old) ‘Brake Up’ note to her boyfriend (ex bf) Shawn.

Check it out – It’s adorable and hilarious!

Do you think this offers a serious dose of real talk?

You blew it Shawn #relationships

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Well I don’t know if this letter is real or fake or whether the parents/seniors wrote it whatsover! But this kid sure knows she deserved better. Good for her. Self-worth is very important! Regardless of the spell-error, I’d like to say Rachel, focus on getting a good education and have good morals first. This will lead you to the happiness we all want. As for Shawn, buddy – you lost Rachel forever!

Yes this was a completely random post. But hope you guys are having a good week. Be sure to be back after exams are over next week!



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