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Ritwika Gupta

Ritwika Gupta 02“Labels” can be limiting. Simply put – I love to act, dance & write. Spotlight is a wonderful mix of everything that makes me excited. It is an extension of my passion for films, fashion and entertainment amongst the various other interests I harbor. So yes here I am – a blogger from Singapore, currently doing my post-graduation in communications at the University of Mumbai.

After being a dancer for several years and freelance actor (something I started doing in high school), I honestly had no idea what to do next after my graduation. The field of communications always excited me. Armed with a B.Sc (hons) in Business from the University of London, I started my career in public relations and marketing with one of the biggest media companies in Singapore. On a random visit to Mumbai in 2011, I decided to join Actor Prepares where I picked up many nuances of production, scripting, acting and anchoring. That friendly visit turned into a year full of opportunities and auditions where I began to work on a television show on NDTV Imagine. I acted in documentaries for the National Geographic Channel, History Channel and went onto present a travel show, entitled “From the Hotel Window” for NTV Japan, pilot episodes for Discovery Travel & Living, “The Great India Quiz Show” for Timesnow and entertainment news for B4U (Music). I have anchored over 80 live shows across India & Singapore and appeared for advertisement campaigns for Sony Entertainment, Britannia, Reliance, Gillette, Castrol and Coca-cola. Recently, I also completed a stint as a radio jockey for Live 101 FM.

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Initially, this blog started as a hesitant attempt to fuse my passion for words, films, beauty and fashion in one place but today Spotlight has become an integral part of who I am. It has made me eager to document everything I possibly can. And never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be offered to write for publications like The World Spa Magazine, Epoch Times and be the entertainment editor for

I hope you enjoy reading the scoops and stories. Feel free to click around, leave a comment or send me an email. I promise to do my best to respond as soon as I can. If you love writing and would like to contribute on Spotlight, please drop me an email here. If you wish to collaborate with Spotlight for any campaign, do visit the advertise with us page.

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